Do normal dogs have rabies virus in their bodies?


Dogs are the most commonly kept pets in the world, and stray dogs have even become a worldwide social problem. Their number is approximately more than 20% of the number of households. If every dog carries rabies, the only result is that all warm-blooded animals will become extinct!

Yes, all warm-blooded animals, including humans!

There are many targeted studies, but no studies have proven that healthy dogs have rabies virus in their bodies, let alone any possibility of transmitting rabies virus.

The fundamental basis of the ten-day observation method is:
  1. Rabies is not contagious during the incubation period.
  2. Rabies is contagious only when it occurs.
  3. Once rabies attacks, death will occur within a week.

Therefore, if an animal of unknown origin bites you, if the animal does not die ten days later, there is 100% no risk of rabies.

Therefore, the key points of the ten-day observation method are:
  1. An animal of unknown origin. His health status could not be determined.
  2. was bitten. Touching, scratching, smelling, looking...many indirect sexual contacts will not transmit rabies. Rabies is extremely contagious, otherwise warm-blooded animals in the world would have become extinct long ago.
  3. If there is a risk, take the first dose of rabies vaccine and then observe. Otherwise, if you encounter the shortest incubation period, you will already be sick after ten days!

Consider less dangerous zoonoses such as avian influenza and foot-and-mouth disease, as well as very dangerous zoonoses such as anthrax. The unified approach of all countries is to cull a large number of animals and treat them harmlessly.