How to deal with dry itching on the body in winter?


Winter pruritus is mainly because winter is relatively cold and dry, which will constrict skin blood vessels, cause sebaceous glands to atrophy, resulting in reduced sebum, aggravating human skin dryness, and causing nerve endings distributed in the skin to be stimulated and itchy. If you bathe too often and use the bath solution in large quantities, it will cause excessive exfoliation of normal keratinocytes and further thinning of the sebum membrane, resulting in the destruction of the skin barrier, resulting in dry and itchy skin.

How can I relieve or prevent itchy skin in winter?

1. Keep your skin clean, but don't bathe every day.

Keep the skin clean and clean, this is the first priority, do not advocate bathing every day, too much to protect the skin stratum corneum and oil to destroy, indeed the function of natural protection and moisturizing, it is easier to dry, itchy. Generally, if the weather is cold in winter, it is better to take a bath every other few days. But if you exercise, or do a lot of physical work, sweat, or get a lot of dust from outdoor activities, then you must take a bath to clean your skin.

In the absence of special circumstances, I generally keep taking a shower for 3 days, which is better

2. Do not use too hot water for bathing.

In the past, in winter, especially in cold weather, I liked to bathe with very hot water, about 40 degrees, especially for itchy places, it would feel more comfortable to feel a little hot water rushing up. Actually, please remember, I later learned that this was a very wrong approach. If this condition occurs on the skin, it is especially important not to rinse with too hot water, which is easy to damage the skin and affect the basic metabolic function of the skin, which will only aggravate your symptoms of dryness and itching. So, try not to make the water too hot, as long as it's not cold.

3. Do not use shower gel every time.

When it comes to using shower gel, I used to feel like I didn't wash my body if I didn't use it any time. In fact, this is also a bad habit, too frequent use of shower gel, but also lead to more oil on the skin is neutralized and washed away, especially dry skin, it needs the protection of these natural oils. Therefore, it is better to use it once or twice every other day, and I generally do this.

4. When bathing, do not rub and scratch the itchy area hard.

Every time I take a bath, the hot water flushes, the itchy place seems more itchy, I believe many people are like me, every time will keep scratching, wipe with a towel, know that the hands are tired, the whole body rubbed red, every time after the bath comes out, the wife is surprised to ask "What's wrong with you?" ”。 Now, I am slowly restraining myself, scratching as little as possible, and the towel is gentle, trying to maintain the skin's own protection. It is also important not to scratch and scratch the skin. Be sure to hold back.

5. Pay attention to moisturizing the skin, and apply moisturizing skin care products after bathing.

Last weekend, I specially asked my wife to help me buy a lotion to moisturize my body, and after taking a bath at night, I would apply a little to my often itchy area to moisturize it. This effect is quite good, I feel that at least after applying it every day for the past few days, it will basically not itch to sleep at night. It will also be much better during the day. Therefore, remember to sleep with moisturizing lotion after taking a bath, and don't bother big men. It's better than scratching around during the day to detract from gentlemanly demeanor.

6. Wear cotton clothes as much as possible for intimate clothing.

In fact, for this, I will only mention it, I will not say more, I believe that everyone's intimate underwear is cotton. Cotton clothes are relatively soft and breathable, which is very protective for the skin and is also the most comfortable. But it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that when buying clothes, pay attention to free cotton, and don't be deceived.

7. Pay attention to diet, eat more fatty foods, and eat less spicy and irritating foods.

Next, let's make dietary adjustments, actually, for dry skin Therefore, it is better to supplement more fatty foods, the so-called lack of what to make up. There are many fatty-rich foods, such as peanuts, sesame, fatty meat, pork belly, and sausages, stone fruits, puff pastry, etc. are all high-fat foods. But also pay attention, don't eat too much, there is less exercise in winter, and it is not good to eat into a big fat person at once.

In addition, try to eat less spicy and irritating food, which is also very good for the skin.

8.Drink plenty of water, eat more fruits and vegetables, and keep your skin hydrated.

This is actually very important, first of all, you develop the habit of drinking water frequently, don't wait until you are thirsty to think of drinking water. If I go to work like me, the first thing I do when I arrive at the office in the morning is to get a full glass of water, and another glass around 11 o'clock. At noon, in the afternoon, I will naturally take up the cup and drink a little after work, fill it when it is gone, increase the number of times I drink, and don't drink too much at a time. For diet, in winter, it is also the time of the New Year, the food is more colorful, and you can eat big fish and meat. I would also like to remind you that it is important to replenish as many vegetables and fruits as possible for dry skin.

9. Get enough sleep and let the skin repair well.

In the big winter, for sleep, at least for me, is basically guaranteed, because in winter I sleep earlier than in summer, wake up later than summer, and naturally sleep more. But for many young people living in the city now, it seems that the impact is not much, the nightlife in all seasons is relatively rich, I want to say, if you want your dry skin to be less itchy and more moisturized and comfortable, try to go to bed early.