How to prevent myopia and delay the progression of myopia?


The rate of myopia increases rapidly with age. The large increase in the number of myopia in children has made us pay more and more attention to the phenomenon of myopia, and if we want to treat it correctly, we need to first fully understand myopia and understand the pathogenesis of myopia.

How does myopia cause blurred vision?

The cornea and lens of the eye are like the lens of a camera, responsible for focusing and projecting the light entering the eyeball onto the retina, a negative, to form an image. If the light can accurately fall on the retina after focusing, forming a clear image, it is called "straight vision"; If the eyeball is too short, the light can only be focused on the back of the retina, not above the retina, and the image will be blurred, which we call "farsightedness"; On the contrary, if the eyeball is too long, the light can only be focused on the front of the retina, not on the retina, and the image will also be blurred, which we call "myopia".

What are the ways to prevent myopia and control its progression?

The causes of myopia include congenital factors and acquired environmental influences. Congenital factors cannot be changed, but we can prevent myopia and slow down the progression of myopia by changing acquired factors, and one of the important points is to cultivate good eye habits.

  • Cultivate good reading and writing habits, chest distance from the table, keep eyes and books one foot away.

  • When using the computer, the distance between the screen and the eyes should not be too close.

  • Continuous eye use should be controlled for 30-40 minutes, and you can look into the distance when resting.

  • Do more outdoor activities.

  • At the age of three, it is necessary to establish a refractive development file and regularly check the eyes.

  • During the development period, patients with myopia need to wear glasses scientifically under the guidance of a doctor and review them regularly

    For delaying the deepening of myopia, there are various methods, but the current scientific evidence shows that there are only a few methods that can slow down the growth rate of myopia, multifocal defocusing glasses, low-concentration atropine eye liquid, orthokeratology lenses (commonly known as OK lenses) are currently the main methods used.

Can myopia correction solve all the problems of myopia?

The misunderstanding of myopia correction seriously affects many people's attitude towards myopia prevention. Many myopic patients and their parents think that myopia can be corrected by surgery, so there is no need to work hard to prevent myopia and delay the progression of myopia, which is wrong. Although myopia correction surgery can correct the degree of myopia and remove glasses, the elongated eyeball and the eye tissue changes that have occurred cannot be restored.

The key is to protect the eyes, prevent the formation of myopia and control the deepening of myopia. Especially children's eyes are in the developmental stage, long-term unhygienic eye use and poor eye habits can easily lead to the appearance of myopia. If you have been myopic, you must also do a good job of delaying the deepening of myopia, try not to develop into a high degree of myopia of more than 600 degrees, if unfortunately it has exceeded 600, you should also avoid developing into a thousand degrees of "pathological myopia". Patients with high degree of myopia should go to the ophthalmology regularly for examination in order to detect and treat blinding complications in time.