It’s important to stay hungry


Staying hungry is important because research shows that if your body hasn't eaten for 16 hours, it automatically activates two important functions.

First of all, when the human body is fasting for 10 hours, the glycogen in the liver will be exhausted, and the sugar and fat in the blood begin to be digested. Therefore, real weight loss should start with 10 hours of fasting.

Secondly, when the human body is fasted for 16 hours, another very important function-the self-phagocytosis function will also be activated. Autophagy function refers to the ability of human cells to eat independently, which is a function that has been gradually revealed in recent years. Simply put, when the human body is in a state of hunger, the autophagy function of cells is activated.

After activation, cells will automatically break down excess useless proteins in the body and convert them into energy and nutrients to maintain normal work. When it feels hungry, it will look for excess fat tissue on the body and break it down into energy and nutrients to ensure normal activities. This function is very advanced. It does not break down proteins in the body at will, but breaks down useless and harmful substances first.

Therefore, the autophagy function is actually an automatic renewal and repair mechanism of the human body. This magical feature was first discovered in 1963, but its principle has never been known. Later, Japanese biologist Da Liangdian won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for explaining the mechanism and function of autophagy.

The autophagy function is inherent in human cells, not only in humans but in all animals. However, in recent years, due to changes in human lifestyles, our autophagy function has been limited. Because this function will only be activated when in a state of hunger, and most people are no longer able to enter a state of hunger.

In fact, the autophagy function is also used in normal times, but it is not widely activated. To initiate broadly, one must enter a state of starvation. Our ancestors are all masters of light fasting. In the history of 2 million years, humans did not have enough to eat 99% of the time. They need to learn to endure hunger, which is the basic condition for survival.

When your body goes too long without food, both the brain and body stay alert and sharp. At this time, the body will activate its autophagy function to break down excess cells in the body, clean up the body, and repair itself. The human body can only consume a fixed amount of food during its lifetime.

Remember the words "eat less", it can help you avoid 95% of diseases and disasters.