Knowledge about static electricity


After winter, everyone must have such troubles: crackling and flashing when taking off clothes; feeling like experiencing an explosion after combing hair; inadvertently getting electrocuted when touching a metal door handle; and even crackling and pain when shaking hands. This It’s all caused by static electricity!

In winter, due to the low air humidity and the fact that people often come into contact with chemical fiber underwear, carpets, cushions, etc., static electricity accumulates in the body. Just rubbing your butt on the chair may generate a voltage of more than 1,800 volts, and when you hear a crackling sound, the voltage is already tens of thousands of volts.

Static electricity seems to be a common thing, but its harm to the human body cannot be ignored.

  1. Skin moisture loss
  2. Static electricity can produce a large amount of cations around the human body, which can reduce skin moisture, thereby increasing dandruff and making it easier to induce skin itching.

  3. Induce skin diseases
  4. Objects with static electricity can easily absorb dust. The large amount of static charge on the TV screen has a strong adsorption force on dust. This dust may also fall on human skin, causing skin diseases such as rash and acne.

  5. Carrying harmful substances
  6. A large amount of electrostatically adsorbed dust contains a variety of harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, which will affect health when inhaled by the human body.

  7. Aggravate heart disease
  8. For people with weak heart function, the magnetic field generated by static electricity can cause chest tightness, dizziness, shortness of breath, and restlessness in mild cases. In severe cases, it can cause arrhythmia and premature beats, aggravating the condition. In addition, static electricity can also change brain potential, causing abnormal current conduction in brain nerve cell membranes, making people feel fatigue, irritability, insomnia, and headaches.

How to stay away from static electricity troubles?

  1. Maintain skin moisture
  2. Wash your hands, face and bath frequently to keep your skin hydrated and use highly moisturizing cosmetics. At the same time, avoid long-term contact with electrical appliances. After using electrical appliances, try to wash your hands and face immediately to allow the static charge on the skin surface to be released in the water.

  3. Keep your head clean
  4. Keep your hair clean, do not use alcohol-based products, choose a wooden or corner comb, moisten your hair before combing, use beer to remove static electricity, and use conditioner when shampooing.

  5. Choose pure cotton clothing
  6. In winter, try to choose cotton or silk clothes, avoid woolen or chemical fiber clothes, and use fabric softener when washing. In addition, changing clothes frequently can effectively eliminate static electricity accumulated on the surface of the human body and release local static electricity; standing against the wall when taking off and changing clothes can also effectively prevent static electricity.

  7. Balanced meals
  8. In terms of diet, it is necessary to develop good eating habits, eat more vegetables, fruits, yogurt and other acidic foods, drink more water, supplement calcium and vitamin C, appropriately increase the intake of vitamin groups and acidic foods, and maintain normal electrolyte balance.

  9. Maintain indoor humidity
  10. The best way to prevent static electricity indoors is to increase the humidity of the air. Generally, the relative humidity is required to be between 45% and 65%. To maintain air humidity, you can use a humidifier indoors, mop the floor with a wet mop, wipe objects with a damp cloth, or place some flowers and plants indoors.

  11. Release static electricity in advance
  12. When entering or exiting the door, you can place your palms on the wall before touching the metal door or handle, or hold a bunch of metal keys in your hand, and then use another key to open the door, which is conducive to discharge; friends who are riding in the car, when getting off the car, please Touching the metal door releases static electricity. When there is friction between the body and the seat, hold the metal door frame in advance to discharge the static electricity generated by the friction on the body.