What to do if you are burned at home?


Scalds are a very common tissue damage disease caused by hot liquids, solids, and hot steam. It will make the skin appear red and swollen, will grow blisters, make people particularly painful, if the burn is very serious, it may also cause shock, breathing, heart arrest. After the scald, it is necessary to deal with it correctly, you can avoid further injuries, and you can't be too busy, otherwise it will help.

What should I do after a burn?

1. Go to the water pipe as soon as possible

Whether you are scalded by hot water or hot water vapor, you must go to the water pipe to rinse with water as soon as possible. Do not take water to rinse, put directly under the water pipe and rinse with running water. The water flow should not be too rapid, not too large, slowly rinse, about 20 minutes to flush. The reason for rinsing is mainly to reduce the temperature of the scalded skin surface and relieve the feeling of pain. If you accidentally burn your face, it may not be convenient to rinse, and you can wet it with a cold towel.

2. Remove clothes

Whether it is a scald or a burn, it is necessary to remove foreign bodies on the surface of the skin during emergency treatment. You can take off the clothes while rinsing with water, and if it sticks to the skin, do not take it off forcibly, you can carefully cut it off with scissors. This should be paid special attention to, if you forcibly take off the clothes will cause secondary damage to the skin, the pain will be more intense.

3. Continue to soak

After rinsing under the water pipe for 20 minutes, you can continue to soak in cold water for about 10 minutes to half an hour. The reason for this is to further cool, further relieve pain, and further dissipate heat. Pay attention to the water temperature is not too low, can not be ice water, ordinary cool water line.

4. Find clean gauze and towel covering

Generally speaking, blisters will grow on the skin after being burned, and do not pick them up after growing blisters, otherwise it will not only leave scars, but also may cause infection. At this time, find a clean towel or gauze to cover the wound, preferably medical sterile gauze, this thing can be stocked up on in the family in case of emergency. The reason why the wound should be covered with gauze is mainly to avoid bacterial infection, mainly to play a protective role.

5. Apply scald cream

Always have a few scald creams at home, after all, burns are a very common thing. If it is only a slight burn, you can apply scald cream after the above steps, pay attention to the protection of the wound on weekdays, and it will be fine after a while. Be careful when applying scald cream, it is best to apply it with a sterile cotton swab, not directly by hand, there are many bacteria on the hands.

6. Serious scalds should be sent to the hospital in time

If the wound is very serious, call 120 for emergency treatment and take it to the hospital for examination and treatment. The severity of the scald cannot be ignored, if the scald is very severe, it can cause shock and even lead to death. Don't hurt yourself or your family because of ignorance, you should be sent to the hospital as soon as possible, do not delay.

There will inevitably be some bumps in life, it is inevitable that you will be injured, when you are burned by hot water or hot steam, you must know how to deal with it. Only with the right treatment will not make the burned wound worse, will not leave ugly scars, and will not have serious consequences.