Why can honey be stored for a long time?


In 1913, American archaeologists found a jar of honey in the ancient tombs of the pyramids in Egypt, and it was determined that this jar of honey had lasted for more than 3,300 years and was still edible. Why does this happen, is it true that honey will never spoil? The answer is that honey will spoil, but if the honey is of high enough quality and stored in a specific environment, it will delay the deterioration of honey.

The reason why the honey in the pyramid has not deteriorated for so many years is very simple, first of all, the quality of this honey is high enough, and secondly, because in the ancient tomb, there is no light, the temperature is constant, and the honey is sealed and intact, which just gives the honey a specific environment, so the honey has not deteriorated.

As for whether honey can still be edible, honey is a natural food after all, it has active and rich nutrients, stored for so many years, the activity will be reduced, the nutrients will be lost, the taste will deteriorate, although it has not deteriorated, but as a food it must not be edible.

Why is honey not easy to spoil?

Honey never spoils is an ideal state that the quality of the honey is high enough, and the second is that the honey is stored in a specific environment so that it may not deteriorate. Honey is not easy to spoil because it contains a high concentration of sugar, which is a natural preservative. Because honey has a very high sugar content, honey is a high-concentration and high-osmotic sugar solution, and microorganisms cannot survive in this high-osmolarity liquid.

Why does honey spoil again?

Although most of the bacteria in honey can not survive, but an exception, is the ubiquitous yeast in our lives, honey is easy to deteriorate because the glucose and fructose in honey under the action of the enzyme system secreted by glycotolerant yeast, produce a series of chemical reactions, generate alcohol and carbon dioxide, under the action of bacteria, continue to convert into water and acid, this is the process of honey fermentation, honey will become thin after fermentation, the color will become lighter, the taste will become sour and accompanied by the taste of wine, there are a large number of bubbles; There is also a reason for spoilage, and honey is also rich in organic matter and various enzymes.

So how do you store honey properly?

The following points should be taken into account during honey storage:

  1. Honey should be sealed and stored

    Honey is hygroscopic, dense and permeable, so the container containing honey should be tightly closed.

  2. Do not get the honey wet

    The storage container must be washed and dried before use, and it cannot be wet during the eating process, which is easy to ferment and deteriorate.

  3. Honey should be stored in a cool place

    Honey cannot be stored in the open air, it can be stored in a cool and ventilated place, or it can be refrigerated at low temperature (above 0°C).

  4. Selection of honey containers

    Honey is an acidic substance that reacts chemically with zinc, lead, iron, etc., to form harmful substances. Therefore, honey should not come into contact with zinc, lead and iron on the surface of the packaging container. Aluminum alloy containers, stainless steel containers, plastic, glass, ceramic and other containers can be used.