Why do dogs eat poop?


Dogs have a problem that gives countless dog owners a headache, and that is their tendency to eat poop! So what exactly causes dogs to be hungry and not choose food? What about choosing to eat poop? Today we have compiled a few reasons why dogs eat poop. Check to see if your dog has this symptom!

Reasons why dogs eat poop

  1. Not eating enough
  2. The reason why dogs are hungry and choose to eat feces may be because the dog food or food given by the owner is not enough, resulting in the dog not eating enough. At this time, the extremely hungry dog will swallow his own daddy or other people's daddy in one bite to satisfy his hunger.

  3. Lack of trace elements
  4. Dogs get their trace elements from water or other foods. Once a dog is deficient in trace elements, it is likely to develop pica. Not only does it eat poop, but it also eats some weird things. For example: grass, soil on the roadside, paper towels at home, etc.

  5. Strong imitation ability
  6. Some dogs are naturally very smart and have strong imitation abilities. When it sees other dogs eating poop, it may think it is something good and will follow suit.

  7. Poor digestion ability
  8. Some dogs have poor gastrointestinal conditions, which means that the dog food and other foods they eat cannot be digested well, so the nutrients that cannot be absorbed will be excreted with their feces. When dogs smell the nutrients in their poop, they eat it.

  9. Cover up mistakes
  10. Generally, dogs have learned to go to the toilet at designated times, but sometimes dogs will still poop at home. After making mistakes, they are afraid of being punished by their owners, so the dogs want to cover up the fact of their mistakes and eat the poop quickly after pooping.

It is a bad behavior for dogs to eat poop. If they accidentally eat daddy with viruses outside, the dog will easily get sick, so the dog must refuse to eat daddy.

How to stop dogs from eating daddy

  1. Regular and quantitative feeding
  2. Dogs must be fed at a fixed time and amount. For puppies, it is best to feed them 5-6 times a day; for adult dogs, feed them 2-3 times a day. This can prevent the dog from getting dizzy from hunger and eating its daddy.

  3. Strictly stop the dog
  4. When a dog wants to sniff or eat daddy in front of you, the owner must scold the dog sternly to stop the dog. If the dog can stop, the owner should reward the dog appropriately.

  5. Don’t make too much fuss
  6. Some dogs are naturally rebellious. When they see their owner being so surprised, it will arouse the dog's desire to eat poop even more. Therefore, when the owner sees the dog wanting to eat poop, he should keep it in check. Be calm and don't be too surprised.

  7. Clean up feces promptly
  8. The owner should solve the problem directly from the source. When the dog defecates, clean up the dog's feces promptly and quickly. In this way, even if the dog wants to eat, there is no way.

  9. Training to refuse food
  10. It is very important to train a dog to refuse to eat poop. The owner must train the dog well at ordinary times. It can prevent dogs from eating poop randomly when they are at home or out. During training, if the dog obeys the command, you can give it some snacks as a reward.

  11. Choose good quality dog food
  12. Dogs' trace elements come from food. Once they are deficient, they are prone to pica. Avoid this situation in dogs. Owners should choose dog food containing trace elements and nutritional balance as their dog’s regular food.