Why can't I smell bad breath?


Discussing work with colleagues, it turns out that the other party is trying to hold their breath; As soon as the customer meets and chats, the order flies; and the object of passion like fire want to kiss, but as a result, a mouth puts him down... Do these familiar scenes evoke embarrassing memories in your eyes? People around you may not say it explicitly, but bad breath really haunts you.

Why don't you feel bad breath?

Bad breath is not terrible, the scary thing is that you don't know you have bad breath! It's embarrassing to still express it confidently in the crowd. Just by smelling with your nose, it is difficult to smell that you have bad breath. Many friends don't know that they have bad breath, and they always have to be reminded to know. This is mainly because your olfactory nerve cells have been staying with their "smell" for a long time, and nerve fatigue has long formed

So how to accurately judge whether you have bad breath? It's very simple, find a trusted friend, gently exhale a breath from the depths of the mouth to him, let him smell and tell you, is it smelly?

Where does the "smell" of bad breath come from?

There is an indescribable smell in the mouth, believe me, you are not the only one embarrassed. An epidemic survey report shows that the prevalence of bad breath in China is as high as 35.4%, that is, if you go three, you must have bad breath. So how does bad breath occur? According to the source, it can be divided into physiological halitosis and pathological halitosis.

1. Physiological halitosis

At noon, I ate garlic, leeks, stinky tofu and other foods, and I had to brush my teeth at night, so it's strange that I don't have bad breath.

Smoking will aggravate the anaerobic environment in the mouth, so that the odor-producing bacteria in the mouth live more moisturized and release more odor; At the same time, after the tobacco is burned, volatile sulfides are directly generated in the mouth, which also makes the mouth smelly.

Drinking, alcohol will produce acetaldehyde or other odorous substances, which are discharged from the mouth to form a special odor of "wine odor".

Daily brushing is not diligent, all kinds of breadcrumbs, pomace, meat residue left in the gap between the teeth, fermented by oral bacteria, the mouth turns into a digester in minutes (somewhat similar to the composition of fart).

2. Pathological halitosis

Pathological halitosis refers to halitosis caused by physical lesions, and more than 90% of pathological halitosis comes from oral diseases, such as dental caries, gingivitis, pulp necrosis, periodontitis, oral mucosal diseases, etc. The mouth contains a large number of microorganisms, including odor-producing bacteria, when the oral lesion occurs, the odor-producing bacteria multiply in large numbers, happily camping in the mouth, and the breath is even more odorous.

Bad breath isn't just embarrassing

A person has bad breath, at least it means that he does not pay attention to hygiene, and secondly, bad breath may also be a sign of physical lesions.

Patients with upper respiratory tract diseases, such as sinusitis, chronic tonsillitis, chronic pharyngitis, etc., will secrete protein-containing mucus in the respiratory tract, which is attached to the base of the tongue or oropharynx, and will emit some fishy odor after being decomposed; When the insulin of diabetic patients is not enough to break down the elevated blood sugar, the body will begin to break down fat for energy, and when the lipolysis is accelerated, the decomposition of ketones will have a sour smell. In addition, diseases such as leukemia, vitamin deficiency, and heavy metal poisoning can cause bad breath. Therefore, bad breath is not just a "little problem" that embarrasses you.

How to treat bad breath?

Bad breath can be classified in a variety of ways, such as true halitosis, pseudo-halitosis, and halitosis phobia, or oral, non-oral halitosis. Today, it is simply and crudely divided into two types, bad breath that you can solve by yourself and bad breath that you can't solve yourself.

1. Bad breath that can resolve itself

If our bad breath is only caused by odor-producing bacteria in the mouth, we can solve this kind of bad breath ourselves. Daily oral care such as brushing your teeth, flossing, brushing your tongue, or chewing two sugar-free gums after eating can kill most odor-producing bacteria. Then develop good habits of work and rest, which can basically keep you away from bad breath. If these conventional methods are exhausted, bad breath still cannot be eliminated and covered, and a professional doctor must be requested.

2. This kind of bad breath depends on the doctor

Decreased saliva production causes bad breath

Do not underestimate the cleaning effect of saliva on teeth, to some extent saliva is equivalent to the "bath water" of teeth, which can wash away some bacteria and food residues. Once the teeth lose the ability to bathe on their own, bad breath is inevitable. The causes of bad breath caused by reduced saliva secretion are complex, which may be related to many factors such as drug effects, salivary gland disease, radiation injury, etc., and require professional treatment.

Bad breath caused by oral diseases

As mentioned above, periodontal disease, tooth decay, pericoronitis of wisdom teeth and other oral diseases, these diseases will form a variety of grooves, tooth holes at the junction of the tooth and the tooth flesh, once the odor-producing bacteria drill in, but do not plan to come out. Regular cleaning simply won't help it.

Bad breath caused by other parts of the body

About 10%~20% of bad breath is an odor caused by problems in other parts of the body. This is mainly some chronic systemic diseases such as sinusitis, tonsillitis, stomach problems, pneumonia, diabetes, etc.

The above kinds of bad breath can not be brushed off by brushing your teeth, you need to seek medical attention as soon as possible and seek professional help.

The taste of your mouth reflects your attitude towards life. Details see character, bad breath is a detail that cannot be ignored, sloppy, unhygienic people, no one will like it. On the contrary, if you have white teeth and fresh breath, of course it will be more welcome. If there is a friend around you who is still troubled by bad breath, tell him as soon as possible and treat it as soon as possible to get away from bad breath~